Look at the stars

I like the stars, I like the universe

10 / 27 (Friday) Holding an air girl event in autumn

2017 September 29 day

Air Girl Kano
Air Girl Kano

"I like the stars, I like the universe"


I do not really understand Astronomy,

The world of stars and constellations, the mystery of the universe, I love you


such for thee,

Female Only & Enjoy Starry Sky Event

Planned in 9 month, 10 month, 11 month ♬

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star hikari _by garden tree

From here, contents of 10 / 27 (Friday) are held.

(We will add the chunks of the event for 11 month)

A girl in air gathering! South Aso

I like stars, I like the universe ★ Star party in Hoshigaragahara

10 / 27 (Friday) holding


(A). Course to make pretty My starry sky binoculars with Girls · Kano When,

(B). Star star concierge Ⓡ teaches, beginner warm welcome ★ Starry sky photo challenge course There are two!

(Schedule and participation fee are the same ♬)

【deadline】 10 / 27 (fri) 13:00 - 10 / 28 (sat) 10:00 (1 nights 2 days)


【place】 south aso luna observatory · auberge "atelier in the forest"


【Participation conditions】

Men participating with women or women (only men can not participate)


【time schedule】



13:00  Cute Decorating Party for My Binoculars & Hoshizora Photo Classroom start

15:30  It is a celestial tea ceremony, there is also a star lounge star cafe time ♬ sweets!

17:00  Cosmic girl - Kano - is commenting on 4 K planetarium

18:00  Atelier in the forest Boasted Rustic · French dinner ♬

20:30  Experience walking a professional starry sky on Observatory! Starry Sky Tour

On 21:30  Hoshigahara, everyone star ☆ Party ♬

        Bring binoculars and cameras and enjoy the starry sky as much as you want


8:30  breakfast

9:30  Conclusion Event 


【Participation benefits】


My Binoculars course : If you see the starry sky! Vixen gifts (binoculars) as a gift ♬

(Let's decorate this binoculars pretty ^ ^)

Product information is here


Hoshizora Photo Challenge Course : Vixen Starry Sky Observation Light

(I also love the star concierge, it is very convenient!)

Product information is here


【Participation Fee】

From 1 nights 2 meal 17,800 / 1 name (it varies according to room type)

* Includes participation fee for all events of the time schedule




About Starry Sky Photo Challenge Course

· It is a starry sky shooting course taught by a star concierge.
>> The instructor's star concierge ︎ 's work is Instag Please see ram
· If it is rain or cloudy we will have a photo session with a planetarium (Technically it is the same as real starry sky shooting)

· we are looking for only those who have a camera (camera lending i will not go out)
· we will inquire the model of the camera in advance by phone. also, if you are a camera not suitable for sky shooting, you may refuse it. i will do. (in the case of single lens reflex, mirrorless in recent years, it is roughly it's okay)

· This time it is very rudimentary for "Starry sky shooting first person"I handle contents. Within developing areas such as image processing and time lapseWe do not handle the volume, please be careful.

↓ ↓ ↓ Application from here ↓ ↓ ↓