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【Limited Time Monitors Wanted】 Night · Trekking @ Minami Aso

2017 November 24 day

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"Prairie · Volcano · Star" Premium · Night tour to meet 3 stories


night trekking south aso

"Mt. Aso in the night", that is a mysterious and surprising little strange world.


let 's go to a special scenic spot where we can not go by the guide of the professional guide! scenes of overwhelming grassland and volcanoes , the sky full of stars will welcome you.


and, prairie · volcano · starry sky ... 3 stories i meet.


Now, let's go out for the night trek to the prairie of Night Aso night!


(c) Minamiaso village / Future conference space tourism



Aso Kuju National Park

On the trekking course, the road leading to the Milky Way
On the trekking course, the road leading to the Milky Way






Aso Kuju National Park is about "half the grassland area in the national park nationwide", the so-called "kingdom of the meadow".


Actually, this vast prairie is not made in nature. It has protected the wilderness where the volcanic meadow spreads originally by the hand of man.


People settled in Aso during the Paleolithic age of 30,000 years ago. Eventually rice cultivation spread around 300 BC. It is not certain when the grassland appeared in Minami-Aso, but for breeding cattle and horses etc. indispensable for agriculture such as rice cultivation, and for fertilizer production, by repeating grazing and burning, at least { I have kept the grassland for more than 1 year.


Through the Great Prairie of Minami Aso, you can feel the nature and people's activities that last for over 1000 years.

A vast grassy field and the Shimotsuki that appeared on the trekking course
A vast grassy field and the Shimotsuki that appeared on the trekking course
Mt. Aso and the Starry Sky
Mt. Aso and the Starry Sky






sometimes gently, sometimes rough. circumference 128 km aso volcano boasting the prestige of the world's largest caldera, surrounded by outer ring mountains ranging in size. 2014 it is recognized as a world geopark in the year, and it is popular as a "earth park" which is a geoscientific heritage.


most of the energy source of aso volcano was brought about by the birth of the earth. heat due to the collapse of the elements contained in the crust, frictional heat when heavy metals settle down to the nucleus of the earth, impact and compression heat caused by the falling meteorite, etc. ... .


Actually, the energy that makes these volcanoes is finite and is gradually lost little by little from the earth. At the end of a long time, like the moon floating in the night sky, the time will come when the earth becomes a star stopping activity without volcanoes.


Through a trip to Aso volcano, we will experience the beat of the earth living in a limited time just like we do.






Countless stars shining in the night sky of South Aso. Nikkei Newspaper "In any ranking · In the lodging where the fall of the autumn is falling stars" The sky full of stars that looked up from the vast grassland of Minami Aso, which was also chosen as the 1 place is exceptional.


by the way, about about creating the current starry sky 137 a drama of the life and death of the stars that has continued since the universe was born 100 years ago. each of us is not irrelevant with this magnificent story.


Various elements that make up your body, gold rings that shine on the fingers of precious partners, rare metals used for smartphones, all synthesized in the life of the stars and brought to us. If we speak from the perspective of the space level, we are just "stars of the star".


Through the beautiful starry sky of Minami Aso, we touch our roots in the universe that is eternal.

Descending to Minami Aso, the light of the universe
Descending to Minami Aso, the light of the universe
Mukino Kubo in the pond of Minami Aso

Now, why do you want to lie on the prairie in Minami Aso and want to see the stars.


that is···


" star · volcano · prairie "of the three stories are , i was born continuously in space time. each story is independent and still going on, but they are now we are crossing in minami aso it is.


In particular, the crater crater site of Minami-Aso's pond is a rare place where all three elements of stars, volcanoes and grasslands are present. Every human has a memory that I have looked up to the star of the meadow through millions of years since its birth.


Therefore, this starry sky which can only be seen in South Aso, is so nostalgic that tears come out, so it resonates to my heart like this ...

>> Guide introduction <<

20171106 - _ DSC 8499

Kazumasa Masuda

outdoor club minami aso knot representative




A local nature guide that loves South Aso. Feel the heartbeat of Aso, I want you to know deeply and fun Aso story.

Main building of Orion

 Atsushi Takano

South Aso Luna Observatory Star's Concierge ®

Auberge "Atelier in the Forest" Manager


Although I live in the Observatory of South Aso for many years, the starry sky I looked up from Aso 's grassland brought by a professional guide gave me a different shock than any other starry sky I have seen.


"Grassland · Volcano · Starry Sky"


We will also accompany you to the concierge ︎ of a star who is a professional walk of the starry sky and will tell you the story of the universe, the earth, the volcano and the meadow.


I hope that you all feel these three stories, heart and body.


schedule ( monitor tour )


【event date】

2017/11/30(木), 12/1(金), 7(木), 8(金), 10(日), 11(月)


【time schedule】


16:30    Atelier in the forest Collection to the front

17:00 ~ Raw commentary on 4 k planetarium viewing

18:00 ~ Dinner to enjoy South Aso food ingredients

19:30 ~ Depart for a professional guide and night trekking!

20:00  Arrival on site, start trekking

21:30  trekking end

22:00 ~ Dissolved at the atelier in the forest



【How to apply】

Reception is on a first come, first served basis as soon as possible!

(1). If you would like a day trip

look at the item of [charge] by the day before the event please make a reservation by telephone. → 0967-62-3006

(2). If you would like to stay

look at the item of [charge] by the day before the event please reserve by phone / net. → 0967-62-3006, online booking here

customers who have already made a reservation, until the day before the event, it is also possible to add trekking later by phone (extra charge). → 0967-62-3006




(Planetarium, dinner, including trekking fee ※ Please bring your own warm clothes)


a. Use on a day trip (All rates are tax included)

· Regular fee: Elementary school student / per person / / 12,500 (preschool child \ 3,500)

· Family & Group Pack: Elementary school student 3 or more and 5 people / / 33,000

· Couple pack: adult 2 name / ¥ 22,000


b. Forest use at the studio's accommodation (All rates are tax included)

· Regular fee: Elementary school student 1 / room rate + ¥ 7,000

· Family & group pack: Elementary school student 3 or more and 5 people / room charge + ¥ 18,000 【telephone application limited】

· Couple Pack: Adult 2 name / Accommodation Fee + ¥ 12,500 【Telephone Application Limitation】



【About clothing】

From above...

· Knit cap

· Warm clothes

If possible down jacket,

On top of that, the wind breaker prevents the wind breaker up and down

· Gloves (thick gloves if possible)

· Sports shoes (climbing shoes if possible)




· Minimum number of people 4 to maximum 10 people

・キャンセル料:7日前〜4日前 10%,  3日前���2日前 30%, 1日前 50%, 当日 100%


· Trekking may be canceled on the day depending on the weather. In that case, you can participate in the starry sky tour of Minami-Aso Luna Observatory (20:30 ~ 21:30) if you wish, after partial refund is made

On the trekking course, the road leading to the Milky Way
On the trekking course, the road leading to the Milky Way