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Look at the stars

Is winter cold? That's why I go to see the stars. (Manager's starry sky diary)

2019 November 15 day

20171208 -_ DSC8986

[Characteristics of the starry sky, part 1]

-Even at 10 ℃ night, when it's sunny, I go outside and stare up at the night sky. (Great fun)


Good evening, Manager Takano.

Winter is cold. But I am very cold, but I go to see the stars even in the middle of winter.

It ’s beautiful, so it ’s really nothing.


* Stargazing tribe: Since I live every day in the world of stars and the universe, I don't care about the fact that I think I am normal, but I feel a little misaligned. People like the star concierge.


Photo: Winter field in Minami Aso (2017 / 12 / 8)

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