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Look at the stars

[Event] Wish upon a star! Virtual Astronomical Club™ “Tanabata Wound Club Memorial Festival”

2020 June 1 21 day

2020 / 7/1- 8 / 25 events

≫ Virtual Astronomical Club ™ Founding Memorial ≪

Let's collect everyone's wishes and make Tanabata Mosaic Art !!

≫ There are also nice gifts !! ≪

【Latest information】

7 / 21 (Tuesday) 19:30 ~ Live delivery of the event interim report!

Sobu Memorial Festival to collect everyone's wishes and make a mosaic art of Tanabata ♬ How many wishes have been gathered? We will deliver the interim report Live on the night of the new moon!

もし晴れていたら、最近話題のネオワイズ彗星もLive天体観測できるかも?! 星のコンシェルジュⓇも全員集合でお送りします^^✨️

An example of gathering "request posts"
An example of gathering "request posts"
Milky Way near Cygnus (photographed by Luna Observatory)
Milky Way near Cygnus (photographed by Luna Observatory)

Hello! Virtual Astronomical Department ManagerAmiis.


In commemoration of the founding of "Virtual Astronomical Club ™", an astronomical club activity that can be participated in Japan's first smartphoneMake an original Tanabata mosaic art that collects everyone's wishesWe will carry out a campaign !!


To commemorate this campaignTo recruit members starting on July 1stSpecial benefitsOrFrom those who participated in the projectPresent by lotteryLots of things!



Click here to apply for members !!

What is mosaic art?

It is a piece of art work that everyone makes together


What is mosaic art? Collecting many photos and imagesIn a mosaicArrange well,Art technique to create a single imageIt is one of. Below is an example of a mosaic of a landscape photograph of a forest atelier.


The more images you compose, the more precise your work will be.We need your cooperation!!

Please join us^^


Event schedule

(Updated on July 18)


(終了)6月21日 部分日食観望会!! 七夕の創部記念祭スタート(YoutubeLive配信)

(終了)7月1日 バーチャル天文部 創部記念ライブ配信(YoutubeLive配信)

(終了)7月21日 中間報告 特別ライブ配信

(終了)8月12日ごろ ペルセウス座流星群をいっしょに楽しもう!! ポーリーRADIO特別ライブ配信

Next!! 8月25日 グランドフィナーレ★伝統的七夕の夜にライブ配信(旧暦七月七日)

2020 / 7/1- 8 / 25 events

Event participation method

Step1.  Let's make art by posting images together (completion goal 2020 image)


Please take a picture of the "star-shaped thing" that is familiar to you, add "# (hash)" to the following 3 words, and post it on SNS.


# (Your wishes / dreams that you want to fulfill in the virtual astronomical department)

#Wish to the stars #Virtual Astronomical Department


In charge of virtual astronomical art using the collected imagesYukorinThe original illustrations related to the stars drawn by the artist will be made into mosaic art!


What is the target number of posts required to complete?2020 sheets!! Everyone, please take a picture of the shape of the stars around you and post it.


The SNS you post isInstagram,Facebook,Twitter, Is the target. We will search the hashtag in the astronomical department and collect your posts.


↓ ↓ ↓ (Example) ↓ ↓ ↓



Step2. Watch the special live stream


We will inform you about the progress of the live stream of Minami Aso Luna Observatory and plan a special gift for participants, so don't miss the announcement on Facebook!


We will also announce the delivery on this page as appropriate, so please take a look from time to time!

Participation benefits

Tanabata Sobu Memorial Festival_AMI

[Bonus 1] Virtual Astronomical Club ™ Free of charge for 2 months !!
Please try the virtual astronomical club until the end of August 2020! It's the beginning of fun adult club activities that you can't understand without experiencing it ♬


[Bonus 2] A set of "Mori no Atelier Special ★ Aso Aka Beef Sonocky Curry" and "Aso Aka Beef Pauly's Hamburger" will be presented to 5 people by lottery from the name of the person who posted it!
A gorgeous set where the chef of a Western restaurant (Auberge) established in 1986 wields his skills! Of course I also love Sonokki and Pauly !!


[Bonus 3] Star Concierge Ⓡ Selection of astronomical goods will be presented to 10 people !!
We will give you useful goods that also use the Star Concierge Ⓡ and cute starry sky goods recommended by Yukorin and Ami ★

Original picture newly written by Yukorin
Original picture newly written by Yukorin

Thoughts in the original picture

Nice to meet you, everyone. In charge of art in the virtual astronomical departmentYukorinis.


I will be in charge of the original drawing for the mosaic art made from the photos gathered at the virtual astronomical club's founding commemorative event!


the current,OrihimeWhenHikoboshi (Morning glory)Creating a sketch with the theme of


In your post, please let me meet Orihime and Hikoboshi under the river of heaven.


We look forward to many posts!

What is traditional Tanabata? Tell me, Yukorin!

Orihime, Hikoboshi and shooting stars
Orihime, Hikoboshi and shooting stars




Sobe Memorial Poster

What is the virtual astronomical department?

"Connect with the universe, connect with friends" ~Astronomical club activities to participate in Japan's first smartphoneis.


In the live stream of the starry sky, you can talk about the universe, do art in the constellations, be healed by the starry sky in a weak system, and take on the challenge of astrophotography and starry sky photography.

No specialized knowledge or difficult skills required.. It's okay if you like the starry sky and are interested in space!

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