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Look at the stars

We will start recruiting Virtual Astronomical Club ™ members from 7 / 1

2020 June 1 29 day

Click here to apply for members !!

≫ 2020 / 7 / 1 15:27 ≪
Virtual Astronomical Club ™ will be created as the moon rises!

Sobe Memorial Poster
Sobe Memorial Poster

2020 / 7 / 1 15:27 With the rise of the moon at Luna Astronomical Observatory, recruitment of Virtual Astronomical Club ™ members has started !!


★ Soon the special site will open !!
★ You can register as a member from 7 / 1 15:27
★ From 7 / 1 20:00 Sobe Memorial Live distribution "After-school talk live ♬" @ special site & Facebook, Youtube

We have started recruiting members!
↓ ↓ ↓ Member registration here ↓ ↓ ↓

"What is Virtual Astronomical Club ™?"

In the virtual astronomical club, you can enjoy your thoughts and activities related to the stars online with people who can sympathize with your feelings, or share the hobbies that you secretly enjoyed alone.

A glimpse of how the person you care about is enjoying.


SuchA place likened to "club activities" where everyone creates a space that can be freely enjoyed with various stancesis. Why don't you become a "member" and create a cozy and exciting space together?


Young you who want to enjoy like a real club activity. Besides, you who want to feel the endless youth again even if you are not so young (excuse me!). Why don't you take this opportunity to join the club temporarily?

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