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Look at the stars

Held 9 / 10 ~ 10 / 1

[Online event] Let's connect together "Jugoya Countdown" -Sonocky's moon trip

2020 September 10 day

2020 / 9/10- 10 / 1 events

This event ended with 10 / 1.
Thank you for your many contributions !!



Next online participation event, 10/6 start !!

-Mars battle-

(Publish the event page on 10 / 6)


Participatory online event START from 10 / 6 !!

"The" secret "that makes everyone happy is hidden on the moon."

Pauly's mysterious spaceship is said to fly in the starry sky with everyone's "fun" feelings.
Now, Sonokki's journey to the slightly mysterious moon begins.
Choose from photography, art, and exercise to join the moon trip!

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Sonokki has returned safely to Earth !!
Sonokki has returned safely to Earth !!

○ "3 secrets" hidden in the moon (participant benefits)

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"3 Secrets" hidden on the moon, a participation privilege that Sonokki is trying to bring back from the moon for event participants and members of the virtual astronomical club.


All participation benefits will be distributed after the return of 10 / 1 Sonokki to Earth.(If you cannot return to Earth, you will not receive any benefits !!)

Secret of the 1 (participation privilege)

Made by Sonokki & T.A. Director ★ High-resolution "starry sky photo" of Minami Aso Luna Observatory will be presented to everyone ✨️ We will distribute to everyone the original resolution photo that is super beautiful even if you enlarge it and can not be seen on SNS!


Secret of the 2 (participation privilege)

Sonokki's special Luna = Moon's original smartphone case will be presented to 5 people by lottery from the posters !!

We will make custom-made one by one according to your smartphone. (By the way, you can choose whether or not to have the "Sonocky" sign.)

* Please note that it may not be possible to produce depending on the smartphone model.


Last Secret (9 / 28: Published in "After School Talk Live Streaming")


A special gift box will be presented from each concierge !!


・ One 4 type is available for each of Sonokki, Pauly, Yukorin & Ami, and TA manager.

・ The content depends on the concierge !!

This time, a special Dark Pauly BOX will also be presented to 1 people.


○ 3 How to Participate ~ Share on SNS "(1) Photographs" "(2) Art" "(3) Movement"

There are no 1 ways to enjoy the starry sky and nature!

From the "How to enjoy the moon and autumn" that each person has, this time the star concierge Ⓡ recommended"Photo""Art""motion』\I chose.


Let's choose the best way to enjoy it and post it on SNS! It becomes energyThe driving force behind the Sonocky spacecraft going to the moonIt becomes.

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