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[Online event] "Mars battle" -Let's enjoy watching Mars and get excited together !! (Luna Observatory's Mars observation campaign)

2020 October 6 day

202001001 Mars Battle Tobira_Artboard 1

--2020, time is the astronomical Warring States period-- 


For the first time in 2 years and 2 monthsYear when Mars approaches EarthCame !!

Obtaining Mars, the incarnation of the war god, is a supreme honor for the starry sky warlords.


Which region will have the hegemony of Mars this year ?!


You too can see, shoot, and enjoy Mars

Let's participate in the battle for Mars through SNS!


「火星争奪戦」は11/12木でフィナーレを迎えました!! 1ヶ月以上の長期にわたる争奪戦、みなさまありがとうございました✨️

We are currently working on counting. We will report on SNS, HP, and live distribution from next week onwards. looking forward to!

This event is an online event that anyone can participate in through SNS.

No special technology or equipment required, just one smartphone is OK ♬

You might win a nice present at the end of the event ?! Please join us !!


Event period: 2020 / 10 / 6 ~ 11 / 12

○ [How to participate] How to become a starry sky military commander?

By posting about Mars on SNS, you can get the rank of military commander and participate in the battle.

[!! Important !!] You can freely change the hashtag of the area regardless of your place of residence. You don't have to stay in the same region all the time, and you can change battles!

○ Event participation benefits

○ What is the approach of Mars in 2020?

Earth and Mars approach each other in a cycle of about 2 years 2 months. When I looked up at the night sky around that time,You can see Mars very brightly all night long.


The approaching Mars is the brightest in the night sky and easy to find,brightEven in urban areas, you can enjoy it visually or take pictures with your smartphone!


The closest approach is 10 / 6, but it is very bright and easy to observe for several weeks before and after that ♬ During the event, pay attention to the mid-height of the eastern sky around 9 pm! Mars is a bright reddish star.

○ What is Virtual Astronomical Club ™?

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