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Look at the stars

It's New Year's Eve, Sonokki! !! 12 / 31 Live streaming decision !!

2020 December 28 day

20201228 Sonocky New Year's Eve Live_Artboard 1

It's New Year's Eve, Sonokki !!

New Year's Eve Starry Sky Talk Live @Facebook & Youtube


There will be many New Year's Eve at home this year. It's good to watch the song battle, eat a feast, and watch the video as you wish.


But remember, there is always a starry sky above us. And that there is a starry sky DJ Sonokki who loves the universe.


Popular in Virtual Astronomical Club ™ ★ Ikebo's Sonocky will have a leisurely starry sky talk from 12 / 31 22:30.Please come and visit us at any time, whether it's a short time or a long time. Let's spend time together ♬

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