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customer's voice

We receive a warm opinion day by day

2018.07.21 Mr. Tokuda
To commemorate my husband's birthday

His husband's birthday journey, Aso's later ... as a reminder of me. I was looking forward to the planetarium, so the explanation at arrival was sad, but the observatory sonokki was the best! ! I had you fully enjoy it. It was exciting, exciting, the wind was comfortable, and a momentary body show seen in that weather! That is why I feel like I was impressed. Vega of diamond shine ☆! Tokuda ...

Hi {Hatano Hatano
I saw the stars and wanted to stay even more!

I found it on a travel site and I wanted to stay like a summer-like thing. The air conditioning of the room which was planned to stay was seemed to have broken, and it was suddenly used by the annex, but thanks to you, I was able to use it very widely and comfortably! Although we could not see the stars in the observation room, we were able to learn by looking at many stars in Hoshikehara and we were very satisfied. When the star did not come out I was talking "I want to get revenge!", But looking at the stars, ...

Hello 2018.07.12 H · Y,
I got the best memories

You can observe the sky full of stars, shooting star ...? I am very happy to see it. Everyone of our staff is happy to be able to cite the star prefix ceremony promptly and carefully. Mr. Kawashima of Mr. Kirin got the best memories of "Kirin is the one who took pictures with two common stars behind. Thank you!!...

2018.07.08 Mr. Inuyama
It was an experience that Hori can hardly ever normally do, and I enjoyed it very much.

(I knew that Takano, a friend of high school, has been working for a long time and I've had a desire to come to stay for a long time.) Staff 's attentive customer service and expectation of astronomical observation are very enjoyable It was comprehensively very satisfied, such as being able to do. It was an experience that Hori can hardly ever normally do, and I enjoyed it very much. I also want to come again. ...

Dear 2018.07.07 Mr. Ishi,
Next time will come again after the baby is born

With the cooperation of the staff, it became the best memories. Even when I met a planetarium, I was impressed by seeing this lodging day and constellation. Next time we will come again after the child was born. Thank you very much. ...

2018.07.07 Mr. Shigeru Kameimoto and Yuka
I was able to face the ceremony without feeling uneasy

Thank you for doing a nice planning in a short period of time. I thought that I wanted to do a wedding in an atmosphere like a garden party, I arrived here when I searched on the Internet with "Forest, wedding ceremony", and when the bride was a family trip when I was a child 20 years ago There are memories that I could stay at this pension, I chose it. Although it was a small ceremony and wedding reception, we carefully and warmly responded to every single thing ...

2018.03.08 Mr. Kobayashi
It was a good honeymoon

Today, unfortunately due to bad weather, I could not see the real stars on the telescope, but I was very excited about the stars and objects and it was a fun 1 day. It was impressive that the words, "not to see the stars but to enjoy the stars" were impressive and all staff members were very careful. Not only the facilities but also the staff's response, I wanted to come again. I would like to see a leisurely star in the outer star Homigahara next time. ...

2018.03.03 Mr. Matsuo
I was interested in the stars

The story of the elder brother at the Observatory was interesting, and I was interested in the stars. It is very good to explain the star of the photo on a personal mobile phone. I wanted to make a phone call around midnight 3, what was that? ......

2018.02.18 Mr. Saito
It was a calm and relaxing space

It was a very quiet and calm atmosphere. Staff 's wording and hospitality matched to this atmosphere, and it was a relaxing space that calmed down even if you looked at it overall. The original taste of the ingredients was also pulled out moderately, so I enjoyed eating. I also had a fine service and I think that I was really pleased with my honeymoon trip. I also want to talk to my friends! ! ...

2017.10.09 A. T
Thank you for your kind response

There were various 7 moons, and I am very sorry for your inconvenience. Thank you very much for your kind response. Kumamoto was also amazingly surprised than I thought. I hope to be able to return as early as possible as early as possible. Is not it encouraging for newcomers to join? Please do your best with the current staff. Mr. Sonockie, I enjoyed very much. I can come again if it is peace next year ... I pray. Thank you very much. ...