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2014.09.08 小林様


Mr. Yamashita Photo

2014.09.06 Mr. Yamashita
I was able to stay in peace.

There was a maternity plan, and we were able to stay at ease. There were other maternity people, and we were able to eat slowly. Because the weather was bad and the stars were not seen so much, I would like to have a child born and challenge again. The moon seen at the observatory was very beautiful. The planetarium was also a short time, but I was able to show you good memories. It is a Japanese-style room, but pregnancy may be a bit tough as toilet is at 1 f ...


2014.08.22 今西様

It was a very good memory. It was nice to see the stars ♡ swings in the garden, the hammocks are the best! The bed of 2f was hard ... cry → I want to attend a futon. ...

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2014.08.10 坂元様

· I learned the pension with planetarium in the introduction column of the Asahi Newspaper and applied that I would definitely go. · Although it was raining unfortunately, it was a wonderful place more than I thought. I also want to go on a sunny day, if convenient. * The bed of 2f was very hard. I could not sleep well. ...


2014.07.24 冨永様

知人に教えてもらい来ました。 息子と娘で初めての旅行、すごく子供達が喜び楽しかったと言ってくれたので来て良かったです。 ...

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Because the children (6 and 9) entered the summer vacation, we wanted to let us experience that we could not normally do and stayed. Although it was somewhat uneasy with the move from Beppu, I got consultation in advance. Since the astronomical observation was a rainy day, I was giving up that it was impossible, but clouds were gone and I could see the best starry sky. The children were also very satisfied. Eat well and surely ...

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2014.07.13 畠山様

Unfortunately it was unfortunate that we could not see Saturn because of the rain, but I am satisfied with the delicious meal while listening to the concert. If rock baths can be enjoyed anytime, I wonder if pleasure will increase. Also, I am planning to visit in 10 moon, so I pray that it is fine weather at that time. thank you for helping me. ...


2014.06.28 釜崎様

Although it was a trip with children, I was able to play even in the garden and I am very pleased to find various insects etc. Because I am talented and 1 years old, I have a different viewpoint to enjoy but both were very pleased. Also, it was a satisfying stay that adults enjoyed. I hope to take care of you again. Thank you for a wonderful 2 day. ...

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The astronomical observation guidance was smooth. I was sorry that the stars could not be seen because it was cloudy, but it was nice explanation and it was nice. ...

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A lot of greenery was healed by a swing. In the observatory the moon and stars were well seen. The staff member was very easy. The room was cute at the 2 floor. Interior of the front desk was very good The hamburg of the dinner was delicious. I want to know you again.